2005 Nissan Altima SQ Build

Built for customer in New Mexico
Exterior 100% stock


●  custom doorboxes
●  custom kickpanels
●  custom rear deck
●  modified rear seats
●  custom headliner
●  full trunk build


●  eclipse 6 channel SQ headunit
●  phoenix gold line driver
●  phoenix gold bass EQ
●  audiocontrol electronic crossover
●  phoenix gold 30 farad hybrid capacitor
●  2x phoenix gold 30 band equalizers
●  Focal 3 way component speakers (in kick panels)
●  Focal 8 inch subwoofer (for midbass, mounted in door)
●  Focal 6 1/2 coaxials (rear)
●  2x JL W713 subwoofers
●  1x phoenix gold 300 watt amp (rear speakers)
●  2x phoenix gold 1000 watt 2 channel amp (front components)
●  2x US Amps merlin 3000 watt sub amps
●  3x kinetic hi amperage batteries
●  3x stinger (200a) high current alternators (not pictured)


●  headliner houses 30band eqs, custom rack finished with brushed stainless steel + ambient green and white lighting.
●  cover made from 1/8 plexiglas and trim matching headliner material.
●  kick panels made from fiberglass, separate chambers for 6 and 4 inch drivers. trimmed with black suede under grill.
●  custom rear deck houses 2 coaxial speakers, active crossover
●  rear seats modified to house hi and mid amps, racks trimmed in brushed stainless steel.
●  wooferbox, dual bent 3/4 inch plexiglas. holds two w713
●  inside trimmed with stainless steel
●  3 layers of plexiglas ampracks
●  floor holds capacitor, crossover networks and fuse blocks
●  layer 1 and 2 hold us amps 3000watt sub amps
●  layer 3 holds phoenix gold rear speaker amp
●  plexiglas ampracks lit with green neon
●  trimmed with gray vinyl
●  batteries mounted on either side of wooferbox